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Product Description

Give the gift of REBELLION!


We love when you share our handbags with your loved ones and they love it too!

Digital gift cards can be sent in a flash and they'll be able to use the code anywhere in the US & Canada.

Add to cart and pay and you'll get an email notification that you can send easily.

No expiration date.


Product Specification

Our bags are made from the finest quality upholstery grade and Italian leathers and we suggest only cleaning and conditioning if absolutely necessary. They've already been protected for a lifetime of use.

Clean hands and surfaces go a long way to keeping your bag beautiful but the patina that occurs over time makes our bags even better as they age.

Saddle soaps and gentle soap with a damp clean cloth are options if you notice a dirty area or choose to condition. Do so sparingly, without any excess water and without any alcohol based products.

We hope you will grow to love your bags more as you carry them through the years. Like an old favorite leather chair, we hope you'll live well in Rebellion.



Gorgeous bag!! Top notch quality and love the uniqueness of this brand!! Have already had tons of compliments!🤗
Already shopping for another to start my collection!!
I’m already addicted 🥰


“My very first Rebellion bag was a black sheared beaver wristlet that I purchased at the Baltimore Craft Show... the first time I met Stephanie and fell in love with her and her product. I used it for years and continued to add to my collections. To this day, about 6 years later, it's still my favorite. Like an old friend.” from her IG @bdplaid67


Stephanie was so nice and she offered to customize my order after asking some questions about the bag. I loved the final product. The bag was everything I wanted and more.


Absolutely incredible craftsmanship and is the most amazing bag I've ever had! Stephanie was incredibly sweet and a joy to purchase from! Highly recommend Rebellion products!!!!


“ my bags! Hot here in Las Vegas... proud to be a Rebel and wear both a mask & my Rebellion bags"

-Diana K.