Handbags made by Rebels, in the heart of Chicago.

Girlfriend, you've found your tribe.

You're a work of art How you feel is more important than how you look but when you capture both? That’s where the magic happens. Our slimming handbag design will keep the compliments coming.

Capture your uniqueness in the details Adorn one of our handmade creations and you'll see why our collectors are in love! When you embrace slow fashion like we do, you make the choice to carry something that lasts. In essence, you're supporting the world of sustainability through choosing quality that'll outlive any temporary trend.

R E B E L L I O N celebrating 20 years in business. We are a timeless classic with a recognizable design. Our mission? To create beautiful things that are long lasting in construction and artfully playful. To carry our bags is to love them. They are made of the highest quality components but it’s your experience in living with them that’ll elevate your style.

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Rebel Reviews

“Love love love this bag!”


“My very first Rebellion bag was a black sheared beaver wristlet that I purchased at the Baltimore Craft Show... the first time I met Stephanie and fell in love with her and her product. I used it for years and continued to add to my collections. To this day, about 6 years later, it's still my favorite. Like an old friend.” from her IG @bdplaid67

-Betsy K

MWAH!  You are amazing and your bags ROCK!”

-Mary S

“Rebel on the roof in Houston! I love my REBELLION!”

-Mirta T

“OMG! Thank you for my beautiful bag and my auntie's beautiful bag!!! I love you to pieces!!! 😘🤗🥰🙏”

-Nancy L

“Been getting TONS of compliments on the zebra with the blk/green straps. My friends said I always have the cutest bags ever!!😘”

-Valencia A

Our handbags compliment your shape!

  • The short strap hits your hip like a belt and minimizes your waist.
  • Roundness of the bag accentuates your curves and shape.
  • Our bags lay flat and conform to your body without being bulky.
  • Our crossbody detail ties the look together.

Rebellion on the Runway