Rebellion Around The World

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Tamara is wearing her REBELLION about a month before the fire at Notre Dame. She owns >4


Amy is a Rebel and wears her mask and Rebellion Bags in Chicago safely! Amy owns >3 bags


Nude in Florida and this REBELLION Bag works!

Michele is not only in Costa Rica but is in an article in this photo! Michele is like sunshine. She owns >2 Rebellion Bags.

Jessica is a professional dancer in LA. She is SO funny! She’s rocking her vintage REBELLION circa 2008, 10 years later and with attitude. Jessica owns > 5 Rebellion Bags.

Joyce is in Minneapolis and is badass! She owns >5 Rebellion Bags and all of her friends own them too!

Angie in Paris is a collector!

Rosie lives in Chicago. She’s a Rebel and always wears her mask! Be like Rosie. She owns TOO many REBELLION Bags and if you ask her she won’t tell you how many. She WILL tell you that she owns the BEST one ever though. lol

Nancy is an official brand ambassador and lives in LaGrange, IL. She sends us pictures from all over the world in her REBELLION Bags. Nancy owns >10 of which 3 are one-of-a-kinds. She’s been known to stop people on the street to talk about how much she loves our bags! And by the way? We love Nancy.

Helma in Napa. She travels the globe and messages me from all over the world with photos and insights. Helma is a bundle of light! She owns > 2 Rebellion Bags.

Angie in Budapest! She lives REBELLION and owns >5 bags.

Kathy and Ali in London looking fantastic! They collectively own > 6 Rebellion Bags.

Meet Veljko! He’s the absolute best collector and friend a girl could have! He carried this bag to Holland on a trip to see his mother. He loved this bag so much he kept it for himself! Veljko has bought >7 Rebellion Bags.

This customer in Switzerland sent me her photo when she received her bag safely. We ship all over the world.

Karen lives in Iowa. She recently admitted that she sometimes buys them as gifts and is tempted to keep them! Karen personally owns > 10 REBELLION Bags.

Meet @lollypoppy and her twin sister in Philadelphia! This REBELLION wristlet was a 15th birthday present from her mom in 2017. Her mom is also a collector.

Cathy in Dallas! She is the best girlfriend anyone could hope for and she sells my bags while sleeping!

Our youngest REBEL in Wheeling, WV!

Me and my beautiful girlfriends in New Orleans, 2018. Michelle, Karen and Jenifer own > 25 REBELLION Bags collectively. I’m not telling who owns the most!

Jelena travels the world and sends us fun pictures! in this photo she’s in Paris in front of The Moulin Rouge. What’s great about this photo is we have 2 more in the same spot from other traveling REBELS! She owns > 7 REBELLION Bags.

Cocoa lives in Jackson Hole, WY. She’s in love with fashion design. Her first REBELLION bag was a gift for her 10th birthday. Cocoa owns > 2 bags.

Our customer in Philadelphia in 2019! She kept coming back to buy just one more bag!